School/Team Travel

Embarking on a school trip or organised group holiday can be daunting. However, group trips are incredibly valuable and entirely worthwhile for children. Take a few precautionary health measures and your trip should be stress and sickness free:-


Ensure group members are well informed of any vaccinations that may be required well in advance of your trip. If you are unsure and would like help, Healthub offer an advice service for group trips and a member of our team will happily visit your organisation to give students and parents all the information they need. Please contact us on 01524 580999 or [email protected].

First Aid

A well stocked first aid kit should be taken on any trip and it would be advisable to have at least one member of staff to be a qualified first aider.

Insect Bite Avoidance

Students should wear suitable clothing for the climate, use insect repellent and a mosquito net if appropriate. Repellant and nets are available to purchase at Healthub at a competitive price.


Ensure students are adequately protected from the sun with clothing and sun screen, and that they keep well hydrated.

Find out where the nearest British Embassy or consulate is and how to contact them in an emergency. Go