Far Away Places

If you are travelling to remote places you should be aware that there is an element of risk due to the distance from good health care if you need it.


Ensure that you have all the relevant vaccinations in plenty of time before your travels – ideally 8 weeks before departure. The Healthub nurses will be able to advise you which vaccinations you require.


Malaria is a serious, sometimes fatal disease spread by mosquitoes. Malaria is widespread in regions of the world including Africa, Central and South America and South East Asia. Failing to take appropriate malaria prevention tablets, is one of the main reasons people succumb to malaria. At Healthub, appropriate advice and medication will be discussed.


Diarrhoea is a very common complaint of travellers to far away places and is generally caused by contamination of food and water. Stick to boiled or bottled water as much as possible and avoid ice in drinks. Piping hot food is usually safe, but avoid salads and peel all fruit.

First Aid Kit

Ensure you carry a well stocked medical kit including something for simple diarrhoea, and possibly an antibiotic, as well as other relevant treatments if going to areas remote from medical facilities. Contact Healthub to arrange a consultation on 01524 580999 or email¬†[email protected]