Family Holidays

Travelling with children should be fun and exciting for them and for you – but it can turn into an ordeal if you’re not prepared. Before you set off on your holiday make sure that you know how to treat minor ailments and that you carry a general first aid kit. Your family should be up to date with the British vaccination schedule (Tetanus/Diptheria/Polio) and make sure you have medical insurance to cover any eventuality.


Use a sun screen with a minimum SPF of factor 15. Limit your exposure time, especially around midday. Be careful in the sun with babies and toddlers, reapplying sunscreen at regular intervals.


If you are travelling to places where vaccinations are required, make sure you allow enough time for yourself and your children to have the full number of doses required, and for them to take effect. 6 – 8 weeks before travelling is ideal.


Malaria prevention tablets should be given to children of all ages if the area you’re travelling to requires them. The doses are different from adults. At Healthub we will ensure you understand the dosage for your children and which are the best ones for them to take.


Avoid contaminated food and water. If your child has vomiting or diarrhoea, lost fluid and salts must be replaced. Children become dehydrated more quickly than adults, so replace lost fluid by giving special sachets of sugar and salt powders to mix with boiled or sterile water.

Prickly heat

Prickly heat can bother children in hot and humid climates. It is an itchy fine red rash with tiny blisters. Treat by bathing with cool water and applying calamine lotion. Keep children as cool as possible and in the shade.


Take it easy on the roads where signs and language will be unfamiliar. Never drink and drive. Never drink and swim.

Cuts and Grazes

In hot moist climates any break in the skin is likely to let in infection. The area should be cleaned and then kept dry and clean with a dressing.