Business Travel

Travelling for business usually involves staying in decent accommodation and for only a short time, however, it is still important to consider any vaccinations you may need depending on your destination.


Contact us as soon as you know that you need to travel, as vaccinations take time – and some take several weeks to become effective.If you need vaccinations urgently, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Malaria Prevention

Your accommodation may well provide good mosquito protection, if not you must consider taking a good mosquito net. If your advisor recommends anti-malaria tablets make sure you take them correctly.


Stomach Upsets and Diarrhoea are very common with business travellers. Contaminated food and water is a major cause of illness. Take care when eating out, especially in countries where local hygiene is poor.

Sexual Health

Casual sexual contacts are highly risky, especially with commercial sex workers. Always use condoms. Hepatitis B vaccine is available. Our experienced nurses will give full advice and tips as part of your consultation.