Healthub Travel Clinic

The travel clinic that meets all your travel health needs.

At HEALTHUB Travel Clinic we pride ourselves on putting you first. Although we would always recommend an appointment well in advance of your travel, we recognise that for many this can be very difficult or even impossible – with some travellers only being given short notice of travel themselves.

Urgent Appointments

Healthub Travel Clinic are set up in a way that enables us to meet the need for urgent appointments – even same day appointments can often be accommodated. We make every effort to fit the appointment to your particular requirements, call or complete and submit our short on-line form.

Your health could make or break a trip

Our pre travel consultations are with experienced staff who will assess the impact of any pre-existing medical conditions on your vaccine requirements.  We have the full range of travel vaccines in stock including rarer vaccines such as Japanese Encephalitis and Dukoral for Cholera.  Healthub is also a registered yellow fever centre.